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Pathways to Purpose and Hope: A Guide to Creating a Sustainable Suicide Bereavement Support Program for Families and Friends After a Suicide Death

The Pathways to Purpose and Hope offers guidance for how to create a sustainable program for survivors of suicide loss including how to form asustainable organization, raise funds, recruit members and volunteers, and much more.  The Guide will be useful to individuals and organizations looking to start a new program or to expand the capacity or strengthen the sustainability of an existing one.

Download the guide here.

Seeking Serenity in a Patch of California Land

The thinking of Fresno County community leaders and health professionals is that gardens can help foster resiliency and a sense of purpose for refugees, especially older ones, who are often isolated by language and poverty and experiencing depression and post-traumatic stress. Immigrant families often struggle to meet insurance co-payments, and culturally attuned therapists are in short supply.

Many immigrant and refugee cultures do not have a tradition of formal mental health treatment, said Rocco Cheng, a psychologist and a director of the California Reducing Disparities Project, a statewide policy study. “Therapy is a Western concept,” he said. “The Hmong do not have a word for mental illness.” But, he said, they are well able to grasp the idea of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

Andrey Kovalenko, the director of Slavic family support services for Fresno Interdenominational Ministries, which operates five of the gardens, said that the 7,500 or so Russian-speaking evangelical Christians, including members of his own family, still contend with emotional reverberations from religious persecution, which included humiliation at school, arrests and forced exile. For many, mental health treatment is “a taboo subject, associated with the Soviet system of being locked up.” The garden, he said, “helps them to reattach.”

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New MHSOAC INN Approval Process

OAC released a letter providing instructions on how to expend funds for Innovation Programs. The MHSOAC is committed to making the review and approval process as smooth as possible and will actively provide technical assistance and support to guide counties through approval.

To assist the counties with program preparation, please see the Innovation Review Tool below.