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Extent of Legal Protections for Vulnerable Groups Needs to Be More Fully Assessed

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) did a study on school bullying. GAO recommends Education compile information about state civil rights laws and procedures that relate to bullying, and inform complainants about state legal options; Education, HHS, and Justice develop information about bullied demographic groups in their surveys; and assess whether legal protections are adequate for these groups. Education disagreed with our first recommendation and we clarified it to address some of their concerns. Education is considering our second recommendation, agreed with our third, and provided information on efforts related to the last. HHS agreed with our recommendations. Justice did not provide a written response.

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Media Guidelines for Bullying Prevention

The Media Guidelines for Bullying Prevention, developed by theSubstance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in partnership with a wide range of behavioral health and media experts, provides recommendations for media coverage of bullying. The guidelines are designed to provide journalists, members of the entertainment industry, bloggers, and others with the up-to-date, accurate information needed to cover and depict bullying issues in a factual and sensitive way.

The Media Guidelines for Bullying Prevention provide information including:

  • Key facts about bullying
  • Best practices in reporting about bullying
  • Tips for creating online content about bullying
  • Suggestions for providing accurate depictions of bullying in entertainment
  • Tips to find expert help and information about bullying

San Bernardino County Hosted a Community Night Focused on Bullying Discussion

In November 2013 in Lake Arrowhead, community members convened for community night where they learned the history of bullying and how it has evolved today into cyberbullying, one of the hottest issues on school campuses today. A panel of experts and community members looked closely at the problem and offered solutions, including how community members and parents can protect children from bullying by learning the signs and symptoms. Current bullying laws were discussed as well.

Riverside County Hosts Safe Schools Summit in December 2013

Riverside County hosted a Safe Schools Summit with 300 educators, mental health professionals, parents and members of law enforcement attending at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Riverside County to find ways to help students deal with problems like bullying before they lead to tragedies.

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