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Stanislaus County Utilizing Promotoras to Improve Community Health

Stanislaus County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services in partnership with the Prevention and Early Intervention program funded by Proposition 63, the promotora network, comprised of 6 networks provide more than just cultural sensitivity services but aims to improve overall health of the community.

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Prevention Effort Showing Early Results

Programs targeted at mental health prevention and early intervention are showing positive early results, according to a news release. A RAND Corporation report indicates efforts in reducing stigma and discrimination, suicide prevention and improving mental health for students, are making headway.

The study reviews training, marketing, social media campaigns and statewide activities implemented under Proposition 63, which expanded mental health service in California. The study was sponsored by the California Mental Health Services Authority and conducted independently by RAND. The report, “Evaluation of California’s Statewide Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention Programs: Summary of Key Year 2 Findings,” can be found at

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Partnerships to Develop Resources for Healthy Communities

A new emphasis on prevention and community health partnerships brings an opportunity to improve the health of challenged neighborhoods, writes Prevention Institute Managing Director Leslie Mikkelsen, MPH, RD, in her March 2, 2015 blog post for Equity of Care.

Mikkelson describes conditions of high stress and poor nutrition in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in East Oakland, California, and expresses hope that a commitment to community partnerships espoused in The American Hospital Association’s Toolkit for Redefining the H will focus resources to support healthier lifestyles and overcome inequalities in healthcare for impacted communities.

Read Mikkelson’s blog at Equity of Care’s website here.

Learn more about the Toolkit for Redefining the H on the AHA’s website here.

Together Against Stigma International Conference

The international mental health community gathered in San Francisco on February 18th – 20th, 2015, marking the first time the “Together Against Stigma” Conference was held in the United States since its inception in 2007. The 7th International Conference served as a platform for innovation and community dialogue amongst attendees, allowing mental health advocates from the United States and around the world to come together to tackle challenges, share promising practices and spotlight successes in advancing mental health around the globe. The conference was jointly hosted by the California Mental Health Services Authority
(CalMHSA), the World Psychiatric Association, the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions and the County Behavioral Health Directors Association.

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Innovative Community Approaches to Children’s Mental Health

The National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Cigna Foundation held a forum on Innovative Community Approaches to Children’s Mental Health. This forum offers practical information on how to bring effective programs to schools, primary care and other settings. It addresses challenges facing communities in preventing bullying, building workforce capacity and addressing addiction disorders. The forum also features youth sharing their thoughts on how to continue to raise the national dialogue on mental health.

You can view the recorded forum HERE. You can also view recorded sessions based on topics like Preventing Bullying and Early Identification at the same link.