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Riverside County Receives Challenge Award for PEI Mobile Services Program

The Prevention and Early Intervention Mobile Services program incorporates clinic facilities into three mobile treatment units — similar to recreational vehicles — to provide services for families with children through age 7. The department adopted the solution as a way to provide Parent Child Interaction Therapy and other therapeutic interventions to children and families in targeted areas across the county.

Early Intervention May Ward Off Need for Substance Abuse Treatment

In studies conducted in inner-city Baltimore, Dr. Ialongo and colleagues have used randomized effectiveness trials to test ways to improve teachers’ behavior management in the classroom and reduce negative student behavior. The intervention they chose was the Good Behavior Game, a longstanding strategy that seeks to reinforce students’ control over attention and behavior in the classroom.  They are pilot testing an online version of the training and supervision program. You can read the study entitled "Impact of the Good Behavior Game, a Universal Classroom-based Behavior Intervention, on Young Adult Services Use for Problems with Emotions, Behavior, or Drugs or Alcohol" at the link below. 

Elsevier Launches New Mental Health and Prevention Journal

Mental Health & Prevention publishes reviews, original research and other papers related to research on prevention to support the psychological development of human beings from early childhood across the life span until the old age. The journal focuses on preventive strategies of mental disorders in childhood and adolescence, antisocial and violent behavior, drug addiction, mood or stress-related disorders, eating- and sleep disorders, psychoses and schizophrenia, and dementia.