Stigma Reduction

Below are details about the Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) products and deliverables, created for the California Mental Health Services Authority’s (CalMHSA) Stigma and Discrimination Reduction (SDR) program initiative. The SDR initiative’s newest effort, to enhance the cultural responsiveness of PEI projects and services, is designed to enhance the public mental health system’s ability to reach racially, ethnically, linguistically, and culturally diverse populations in California.

Cultural and Linguistic Competence Organizational Assessment (CLCOA), NAMI California

Report on The Process for Developing Cultural Adaptations of In Our Own Voice, NAMI California

Prevention and Early Intervention Education (PEI-EDUCATE) Standards Framework, UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities (Coming Soon)

Strategies for Changing Organizational Practice to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination, SDR Consortium

Partners in Health Toolkit, Integrated Behavioral Health Project

Peer Models and Inclusion Strategies for Integrated Care Toolkit, Integrated Behavioral Health Project

Establishing Integrated Behavioral Health Service Models: the Developmental Process Undertaken by Counties, Integrated Behavioral Health Project

Community-Based Consumer Run Stigma and Discrimination Projects, Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Guidelines for Telling Stories of Hope Toolkit, Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Adapting Materials and Content Focusing on Suicide for Speakers’ Bureaus Toolkit, Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Mental Health and the Media Toolkit, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

AP Stylebook on Mental Illness, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Reporting on Mental Health Style Guide, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Working With Media to Tell Your Story (Spanish and English), Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Mental Health Reporting Guidelines Toolkit, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Depiction Suggestions for Character and Storyline Development, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Community Roundtable Guide, United Advocates for Children and Families

Focus Group on Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Efforts (2012), United Advocates for Children and Families

Support Grassroots Organizations Promoting SDR in Cultural, Ethnic, and Racial Communities Stipends/Mini Grants, Mental Health Association of San Francisco

A New State Of Mind: Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness a California Public Television Documentary, Runyon, Saltzman, and Einhorn (Coming Soon)

Muestra Esto: Salud Mental en Los Angeles, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc

Mental Health Awareness, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc

Faith Leaders and Mental Health Event Video, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc

In Our Own Voice: Living With Mental Illness (Cultural Adaptations), NAMI CA

Each Mind Matters Gallery: Video Interviews, Runyon, Saltzman, and Einhorn (Coming Soon)

SDR Focused Fotonovela Series, Runyon, Saltzman, and Einhorn

Breaking the Cycle Radio Program on Native American Mental Health, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Generation Next Competition Videos, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

LGTBQ Media and Mental Health Event, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Understanding Culturally Appropriate Processes for Ensuring Language Access Webinar, California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions

Racial Impact Assessments: Assessing Implicit Bias to Enhance Cultural Responsiveness of PEI Programs, California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions

Cultural Awareness and Mental Health at Work, Mental Health Association of California

Culturally Focused In Our Own Voice Trainings for Diverse Audiences, NAMI CA

Faith-Based Mental Health Friendly Communities, Runyon, Saltzman, and Einhorn

Stigma, Discrimination and Lack of Access to Care for Transition-Aged African American Males in the Mental Health System in California, African American Health Institute (Coming Soon)

Academic Resources and Curriculum to Identify and Apply Strategies with Cultural and Linguistic Implications for Stigma and Discrimination Reduction, UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities (Coming Soon)

LGBTQ SDR Education and Training, Runyon, Saltzman, and Einhorn

Cultural Adaptation of the Mental Health First Aid, United Advocates for Children and Families

Web-based Learning Modules, Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Fact Sheets (Available in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Russian, Armenian, and Arabic), Disability Rights California

Report on the Use of Idioms in Four Ethnic Communities, Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Culture and Ethnicity in Mental Illness Stigma Literature Review, Mental Health Association of San Francisco

Fact Sheets, REMHDCO/CA MHSA Multicultural Coalition

Effective Community Engagement (Utilizing the World Café Model), REMHDCO/CA MHSA Multicultural Coalition

SDR Outreach for the Asian/Pacific Islander Communities, Pacific Clinics

Native Communities of Care Mini Grant and Multimedia, Runyon, Saltzman, and Einhorn

Enhancing Mental Health Service Delivery for American Indians/Alaskan Natives, Native American Health Center

Stigma & Discrimination Reduction of First, Do No Harm: Reducing Disparities for LGBTQQ Populations in California, Mental Health America of Northern California

Media Outlets Serving Underserved Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Communities, Entertainment Industries Council, Inc.

Enhancing Efforts to Reduce Disparities through the Statewide Mental Health Services Act Prevention and Early Intervention Programs, California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions