Suicide Prevention: An Action Plan to Save Lives Webinar Series

In February 2014, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention’s Research Prioritization Task Force (RPTF) released A Prioritized Research Agenda for Suicide Prevention: An Action Plan to Save Lives, which outlines the research areas that show the most promise in helping to reduce the rates of suicide attempts and deaths in the next 5-10 years.

The Prioritized Research Agenda is organized around six key questions, each of which will be addressed in a series of webinars sponsored by the National Council for Behavioral Health in collaboration with the Action Alliance and the National Institute of Mental Health.

January 29 — Why do people become suicidal?
February 24 — How can we better detect/predict suicide risk?
April 2 — What interventions prevent suicidal behavior?
April 29 — What are the most effective services to treat and prevent suicidal behavior?
May 27 — What suicide interventions outside of health care settings reduce risk?
June 24 — What research infrastructure do we need to reduce suicidal behavior?
For more information and to register, visit the National Council’s website.

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