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Faces of Mental Health

Sacramento County’s Mental Illness: it’s not always what you think billboard display was hoped to encourage people with mental illnesses to be seen as positive members of the community. An update on the county’s website states that the campaign has inspired more local residents who are living with mental illness to step forward and contribute their faces and stories to the campaign.

Read more and access the County’s website here.

Prevention Effort Showing Early Results

Programs targeted at mental health prevention and early intervention are showing positive early results, according to a news release. A RAND Corporation report indicates efforts in reducing stigma and discrimination, suicide prevention and improving mental health for students, are making headway.

The study reviews training, marketing, social media campaigns and statewide activities implemented under Proposition 63, which expanded mental health service in California. The study was sponsored by the California Mental Health Services Authority and conducted independently by RAND. The report, “Evaluation of California’s Statewide Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention Programs: Summary of Key Year 2 Findings,” can be found at http://www.rand.org.

Read the report here.

Read the press release here.

Portland Police Bureau Develops Policy for Mental-Illness Encounters

As an example of how other states are fostering more positive interactions between law enforcement and people experiencing a mental health crisis, the Portland Police Bureau has created a new set of policies. As required in a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice, the city of Portland has produced new policies with increased training and oversight for police officers who encounter mentally ill persons when responding to calls.

In an article in the Oregonian, Maxine Bernstein reports that the policy emphasizes de-escalation, giving officers the choice of standing back or delaying action in incidents where they recognize characteristics of mental illness.

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Support Programs for Native Americans and Alaskan Natives

According to the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 18.3 percent of American Indians/Alaskan Natives age 12 or older are current users of illicit drugs. The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) is creating programs to help Native Americans and Alaskan Natives in the US escape the heavy toll that drug abuse causes.  The programs and policies have been designed to assist Tribal authorities using strategies of prevention, treatment, recovery support, and law enforcement and are described on the website of the ONDCP.

ONDCP has initiatives that provide support and resources. Media campaigns deliver anti-drug messages and promote cultural pride. Support programs engage Native Americans and Alaskan Natives in community efforts to reduce drug and alcohol use.  In the arena of treatment, early intervention and recovery, the President’s Access to Recovery (ATR) grant program  addresses geographic and cultural needs for the population and Tribal Drug Courts are concentrating on breaking the cycle of crime and drug use. Funds are being directed to help disrupt drug trafficking and tasks force teams are partnering with Indian Country law enforcement.

The website also features a wealth of information resources.

Access website here.